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Funny Fantasy Team Names: August 3rd, 2012

Welcome to another edition of the funniest and most thought-filled fantasy team names around the globe. For those of you who are reading for the first time, we usually like to throw around some of the top ranked names from the home page and give some shout outs to a few really great names that might have not received enough honor for their quality. Occasionally, I’ll throw out a few ideas of my own and see what sticks but I try my hardest not to embarrass myself. Alright well let’s quit the chit chat and let the fantasy team names do the talking, here we go with your August 3rd FTN Update.

Top Names(July):
1) I’m Thinkin RBs – The NFL Season is just over a month away from kicking off and that can only mean one thing. FANTASY FOOTBALL!!! I’m excited, you’re excited, we are all excited. This is a great way to kick it off, with a name that could cross generation gaps. Arby’s offers some good mood food and if you pick the right Running Backs, I can guarantee you too will be in a good mood. So grab a roast beef sandwich, pick up Arian Foster and be feelin good.

2) I’m Harvin A Headache – Poor Percy. The man has so much talent but he doesn’t have a quarterback to get him the ball and he will randomly pass out from debilitating migraines. Funny team name? Indeed. Funny condition? Absolutely not. Anyone who has ever had a migraine will tell you that your only wish is that you could close your eyes and wake up feeling better. The last place you want to be is on a football field getting pounded by 300 pound defensive linemen.

3) deMarco…POLO! – Childhood memories come flashing back when I see this fantasy team name. The game that could never be won. Seriously, did anyone ever play this game fairly? If you were Marco, you were screwed. Kids would climb out of the pool and stick just one foot in so you could never find them. And THEY COULD SEE YOU WHEN YOU CAN’T SEE THEM. Somehow the ridiculously out of shape kid lost literally everytime. He was the only one who couldn’t out run the blind guy chasing him and could never catch anyone else.

4) Call Me Brady – This is the NFL twist on the hit song that has actually destroyed our nation. Obama is jamming out to it, Dolphins cheerleaders are dropping sexy remix videos and we recently had the most perfect FTN submission for Major League Baseball about it. Call Me Maybin was the MLB team name that fit, and you could even stretch it into his full name “Cameron Maybin” to stick with the beat. But Brady fits here and if you haven’t seen the Tom Brady remix video(no he didn’t shoot his own), someone was kind enough to compile a Call Me Maybe remix made up of interviews with Tom Terrific. Check it out here

5) Kevin You-Kill Us – Gotta get an MLB name in here and as a Boston Red Sox fan I have been screaming this sentiment since we traded him to the other Sox. Like really Kevin? You get beat out by a rookie in Boston, then roll to Chicago and just tear the top off the ball? Did you hate Bobby V that bad? I can’t hate the guy, he was a winner and a professional and he brought us to the promise land. But, when you leave you at least gotta let the wounds heal instead of just rubbing it in Boston’s face. Cue the Boston haters getting excited about my misery, I do deserve it.

Well those are some of the top fantasy team names that came out of the month of July, for full lists be sure to check out our homepage and check back in a couple weeks for another installment of the Fantasy Team Names update with more funny fantasy team names and entertainment. Take it easy!