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Fantasy Team Names Update: July 17th, 2012

It’s that time where the doldrums of the Summer heat are converted into laughter and happiness as we are set to update the funniest, and most original fantasy team names around the globe. Fantasy sports will be peaking soon with the start of the NFL season accompanied by the MLB Fantasy playoffs. What a great time to be a fantasy sports lover, and an even better time to be able to showcase your best fantasy team name efforts. Now admittedly, some of your efforts fall short but every once in awhile someone comes up with a name so brilliant that it is spread from coast to coast. Kibbles and Vicks is a great example of this, as a team name that quickly caught on in tons of fantasy leagues. So today we look back at the top NFL fantasy names of the past few seasons as well as an update on the hottest fantasy team names for Major League Baseball. Let’s get to it.

Top Fantasy Football Names All Time(with Grades)

1) Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe – (B+)
2) Breaston Plants – (B-)
3) Whatchu Talkin Bout Hillis? – (A-)
4) Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi – (B+)
5) Farve Dollar Footlong – (A)
6) The Boldin The Beautiful – (B)
7) I do not like Green-Ellis and Manningham – (A+)
8) Yellow Polka Dot Mangini – (A-)
9) Ixnay on the Heyward-Bey – (A)
10) Corn on the Schaub – (B-)

Top Recent Fantasy Baseball Names 1) Tears for Fiers – Sometimes you just need to tip your hat and call the Yankees, er fantasy team name maker, your daddy. This is one of those names that is so simple but so great that I firmly believe we will see it listed as one of the top names of the season after the MLB Fantasy season ends.

2) Zombie Brauns – Not quite sure what this means…I would love for someone to enlighten me though.

3) Jon JayCob Jingle Heimer Schmidt – Lalalalalala. I love it! Just A+ from top to bottom. Anytime you see a name and immediately break into song, it succeeded in its efforts. Great job and thank you for getting that song stuck in my head for the remainder of the day.

4) What Yu Talkin ATrout? – Cheesy, B- work.

5) Its Farnsworth-It – Cheesy, C+ work.

6) Yu Better Not Trout, Yu Better Not Bryce – You better not pout I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is comingggg to townnnn. Is it Christmas yet?

7) Mi Casilla es Su Casilla – Mi Casa es Su Casa, My home is your home. My Casilla is your Casilla? Doesn’t make much sense BUT it’s still pretty witty.

8) Bourn on the Cobb – First we had Corn on the Schaub for NFL, now we have someone willing to up the ante. Bourn on the Cobb rocking TWO MLB players names while dropping a reference to one of summer’s greatest feasts. Fantastic.

9) Everyday I’m ShuffLynn – I’m more surprised I didn’t see this name awhile back. Maybe I did and am forgetting, but it seems like a pretty obvious one giving Lance Lynn’s early season success and the popularity of the LMFAO song. Maybe it was for Jeremy Lin that I saw it…

10) Stop, Hammel Time – Immediately the music starts playing in my head. Ain’t nothin you can do about it except stop and hammel time.