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Fantasy Team Names Update: August 21st, 2012

Another update of the best and brightest fantasy team names out there right now means another update of the most vulgar, witty and overall entertaining people the fantasy sports world has to offer. We are now in the heart of NFL Fantasy Draft Season and I actually recently had my draft in an 8-man league with some of my college friends. Ended up with CJ2K from the 6th pick and scooped Run DMC on the way back around for my 2nd. The QBs I take suck, especially because I am relying on the Romo-Rapelisberger combination to carry me but I’m hoping to swing a few trades and pick up Tommy Terrific. By the way, I stole a fantasy team name from the ideas here and went with “Call Me Brady?”. It was just too perfect considering my love for Tom and maybe my love for Carly Rae Jeppsen? I’m gonna stop there. No I’m not, the picture I used is the Tom Brady Uggs photo :). Here were some of the other names from my league that were entertaining:
1) Chad Kroeger – I don’t get it, but the picture he has is of a male model so that’s always funny.
2) CLASSIFIED – Kid’s working for the government now and we all had to interview with a government agent as part of a background check. I might have told them some embarrassing drunken stories about him.
3) Drinken Fortes – Actually found the name on this site! What are the odds!
4) The Marshall Plan – A hopeless Bears fan who thinks the Cutler to Marshall tandem will be reunited gloriously. Also last place in the league last season.
5) Jeeble Jabble – Our league’s version of “Taco” from “The League”. Enough said as to why his name is completely nonsensical.

Alright well now let’s take a look at some of the best NFL and even an MLB fantasy name around the globe from the past couple of weeks:

1) Once a Young Colt, Now an Old Bronco – Peyton Manning. Will his career be revived in Denver after sitting out all of last season? I do know one thing, serious bump up for Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas on the fantasy circuit Anything is better than having Tebow trying to pass you the ball

2) My Season is Upton Smoak – This has to be a feeling across about 50% of fantasy baseball players right now. The incorporation of two HUGE failures this year into the team name talking about an overall failure is gold. A+ work to whoever came up with this one.

3) Ahmad A Shit My Pants – I picture this being said in the Forrest Gump voice. Then I giggle out loud. Does that make me immature? Probably. Do I really care? Not particularly.

4) Illegal Use of the Head, Number 85 – Ochocinco, I mean Johnson, I mean Ochocinco. Oh who cares? He sucks and was cheating on his incredibly attractive wife with an extremely unattractive “mass-hole”. Then he tops it off by headbutting his attractive wife, getting kicked off the Dolphins and likely ending up somewhere playing in Canada. Ohhhchooocincooo can easily sound like Ohhhhh Cannnnnadddaaaa.

5) So I Married A Basketball Wife – See comments above. Maybe he should have married a football wife instead?

6) Kolb Has Skeltons in The Closet – Three things here. First, does anyone have worse luck than Kevin Kolb? I mean the dude gets hurt every 30 seconds and never gets a chance to show if he’s any good. Followup question, does anyone have worse luck than Larry Fitzgerald? He probably has the most talent of any WR in the league but can’t get anyone to throw him the ball. Third question, how does Andy Reid continue to scam other teams by trading back-up QBs? I mean Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd rounder for Kolb? Come on Arizona you’re better than that.

7) I’m Thinkin RBs – Mentioned it last time but it continues to kill it with 25 likes on the site. Just a great, original twist on an American classic. Too bad the food sucks…

Hope you enjoyed this week of the Fantasy Team Names Update, check back in with us next time for more fun and fantasy as the NFL season kicks off in just two weeks! I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.